World Championship 2016

I am in Monte Carlo for World Championship of Backgammon 2016.
Unfortunately I lost already but there are many great matches that I can watch and learn from them.

8 players are still in the fight for the title.

2 undefeated
Joseph Russell (USA)
Victor Petersen (Norway)

6 in 2nd chance
Jörgen Granstedt (Sweden)
Slava Pryadkin (Ukraine)
Tatsuya Tanaka (Japan)
Conny Eriksson (Sweden)
Phillippe Lecomte (France)
Ed O'Laughlin (USA)

All of them are great players. Especially Joseph Russell and Jörgen Granstedt are ex world champions. Two of them are my heroes. I want to watch them playing the final.

Jörgen Granstedt

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Backgammon Lover 6 years, 10 months ago

Is great to be in your shoes, Akiko! I mean, for sure you can't win all of them, nobody in the world can.
BUT to be able and afford to play in every major tournamnent among the years, is like a nice dream...

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